Whoops! There was a mistake with the Montana Sports Action Fantasy Football roster for this week’s games. The team identifiers were incorrect. We are fixing this now! We expect a corrected roster to be available soon. Please check back and download a new roster when it is available. Thanks!
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How is Montana Sports Action played?
Fantasy Racing
  1. Using a play slip, wagers are made by set dollar amounts.
  2. Players create their own fantasy sports team based on 5 drivers and a number of cautions.
  3. Select drivers by marking their car number on the Play Slip. For example, to select Jimmie Johnson, mark [-], [4], [8].
  4. Wagers can be made for the race scheduled for that week only.
Fantasy Football
  1. Using a play slip, wagers are made by set dollar amounts.
  2. Players create their own fantasy sports team based on 5 players (Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker) and a Defensive Unit.
  3. Select players by marking their team code number and jersey number on the Play Slip. Select a defensive unit by marking their team code number. For example, to select Ben Roethlisberger as a Quarterback from the Pittsburgh Steelers, mark [25] for the team code number, and [07] for his jersey number in the Quarterback column on your play slip.
  4. Wagers can be made for the current week only.
What types of establishments are allowed to offer the Montana Sports Action game?
A facility must have a gaming license to sell Montana Sports Action tickets, under Title 23, Chapter 5, MCA.
When are Play Slip wagers and Quick Pick wagers accepted?
Fantasy Racing
  • Play Slip and Quick Pick wagering starts on a Mondays, and will continue until 10 minutes prior to the scheduled race of that week. For example, if the race of the week is on Sunday, players will have until 10 minutes before the scheduled start to place their play slip and quick pick wagers.
Fantasy Football
  • Play Slip and Quick Pick wageting starts on Tuesdays once the updated Player Roster is made available. Play Slip wagers will be accepted until 10 minutes prior to the first game on Sunday morning. However, MSA players will not be able to select football players or defensive units who are playing in the early game(s) after 10 minutes before their game is scheduled to start. Quick Pick wagering will be accepted until 10 minutes prior to the last game of the week, usually the Monday night game.
How are the prize amounts determined?
By law, 74% of Montana Sports Action sales must be paid as prize money. Montana Sports Action is a pari-mutuel game, meaning prizes can be split among players who have the same point totals for their fantasy teams. There will be three prizes awarded weekly. 1st prize will be 50% of the 74%, 2nd prize will be 30% of the 74%, and 3rd prize will be 20% of the 74%.
For example, let's say that sales for the week were $10,000. This makes the prize pool worth $7,400. Therefore, the 1st prize pool would be $3,700, the 2nd prize pool would be $2,220, and the 3rd prize pool would be $1,480. These prizes can be shared among multiple winners.
Are Montana Sports Action prizes subject to federal and state income tax?
Yes. If the winner is a resident of the United States, the Montana Lottery, on behalf of Montana Sports Action, is required by law to withhold 25% federal tax from winnings over $5,000. However, if the winner does not furnish his or her Social Security or tax identification number, the Montana Lottery must withhold 28% federal tax of prize amounts over $599. If the winner is not a resident of the United States, the Lottery will withhold a 30% federal tax on winnings over $599.
The Lottery is also required to withhold 6.9% state tax on any winnings over $5,000. According to Montana State Law (MCA 15-30-246), Lottery winnings are considered Montana source income, regardless of state of country of residence of the person or entity claiming the prize.
Will the Roster and Schedule change throughout the season?
The Roster will be updated on a weekly basis. The updated Roster will be available through both the terminal and the Montana Sports Action website.
The Schedule is determined and finalized before the season starts.
What games does Montana Sports Action offer?
Currently, Montana Sports Action offers Fantasy Auto-Racing and Fantasy Football. Other Fantasy games are being considered. Check this website for updates.