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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Montana Lottery.

Well, almost.

About the Director - Angela Wong

In January, 2013, Angela Wong was reappointed to head the Montana Lottery by Governor Steve Bullock. Angela has been the Lottery's Director since February, 2011. Under Angela's leadership, the Montana Lottery has had two back-to-back years of record sales.

Angela's professional background includes business, marketing, and public relations experience in both the public and private sectors. Before her 2011 appointment to the Lottery, Angela held positions with the State of Montana for several years. Among them, she was an energy development specialist for the Department of Commerce and a brand manager for the Office of Tourism. In the private sector, Angela has assisted a number of small businesses to develop business/marketing plans.

Angela graduated from Carroll College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

The Lottery director is responsible for administrating operations of the Lottery according to state law and the directives of the Lottery Commission, including: licensing retailers, maintaining security, and negotiating contracts for equipment and services required for Lottery operations.

Goals and Objectives

Montana Lottery Mission Statement

The mission of the Montana Lottery is to maximize the transfer of its net revenue to the state's General Fund by providing products that meet the expectations of consumers and the state of Montana while adhering to the highest standards of security and integrity, which is critical to maintaining public confidence in the agency and its products.

Enterprise Fund

The Montana Lottery is an enterprise fund, which means that its operations are financed and operated in a manner similar to private enterprise where the intent is to provide goods or services to the general public. That is, the Lottery receives no funding from the state of Montana but rather generates money for the state General Fund.

As with any business, the Lottery's net revenue–its "profit"–is defined as the excess of revenues over expenses. That "profit" is transferred to the state's General Fund.

Goals for Fiscal Years 2015-2017

  1. To continue to maximize the transfer of net revenues to the General Fund
    • $12.5 million in Fiscal Year 2015
    • $13 million in Fiscal Year 2016
    • $12.5 million in Fiscal Year 2017

    This will be accomplished through the introduction of new games, changes to existing games, and the control of operating expenses.

  2. To maintain public trust in Lottery games and products

    The Montana Lottery has established and maintains an extensive security system that governs all aspects of the games it offers. This system is under continuous review, and upgrades are instituted whenever appropriate.

  3. To provide excellent service to players and to retailers who sell our products

    The Montana Lottery will continue to offer games that players want to play and to maintain convenient locations for ticket purchases. The Lottery works closely with its retail outlets to provide point–of–sale and display materials, inventory control, and technical assistance.

Department of Administration

The Montana Lottery is administratively attached to the Department of Administration.