Whoops! There was a mistake with the Montana Sports Action Fantasy Football roster for this week’s games. The team identifiers were incorrect. We are fixing this now! We expect a corrected roster to be available soon. Please check back and download a new roster when it is available. Thanks!
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Montana Sports Action.

The ultimate win-win.

Watch sports. Win cash. It's every sports fan's–and Lottery Retailer's–dream. Current Montana Sports Action sports include Fantasy Football and Fantasy Racing.

Fantasy Football

Montana Sports Action lets players create their own Fantasy Football team by drafting a Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker and Defensive Unit. Wagers can be made for the games scheduled that week. The season continues into the divisional playoffs, and does not include the championship game. Each play costs $5, and players can place bets of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. Points will be added, and winners are announced on Tuesdays.

The team(s) with the highest points for the week's football games win or share 50% of the prize pool. Second place team(s) win or share 30% of the prize pool. Third place team(s) win or share the remaining 20%.

Fantasy Racing

Players can also get behind the wheel–virtually speaking–with a Fantasy Racing game that follows the Sprint Cup Series offered by NASCAR®. Each race week, players select one driver, by car number, ranked in the first nine by NASCAR®, three drivers ranked 10 through 34, and a final driver ranked 35 or above. In addition, players select the number of yellow flagged cautions they believe will occur during the race. Points are assigned to each car number based on the performance in the race. Like Fantasy Football, the tickets with the top three point totals win or share the pari-mutuel prize pool. The number of shares purchased ($5, $10, $20, $50 or $100) determines what percent of the prize a player may win in the event of multiple tickets with identical points.


No matter what your customers play, you'll score, too. Montana Lottery Sports Action Retailers earn 3.99% commission for the sale of Montana Sports Action tickets.

Montana Sports Action is a collaboration between the Montana Board of Horse Racing and the Montana Lottery. Montana Sports Action can only be sold in bars and casinos with a gaming license issued by the Montana Department of Justice.