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With security and integrity, everyone wins.

To help you feel secure, we work hard to ensure that security and integrity form the cornerstone of Lottery operations.

Background Checks

Montana Lottery takes care of background checks on all Lottery employees, retailers and vendors.


To ensure that games are fair and secure, we monitor Scratch ticket printing, Scratch and Lotto ticket redemption and all Lottery games and drawings.

Loss Prevention

To minimize loss and maximize sales, we conduct statewide training with retail associations, business groups, civic organizations and one-on-one with retailers, by request. Topics include Lottery and other product shrinkage, basic accounting steps for Lottery products and suggestions for monitoring a business's entire operation. We also work hand-in-hand with store loss prevention staff and local law enforcement to reduce Lottery and other store product theft.

Ticket Security

Scratch tickets are not activated until you activate them, meaning your stored inventory has no cash value. All Lottery tickets (Scratch or Lotto) are individually identifiable, so any thefts can be quickly traced.

24-Hour Security Assistance

Montana Lottery is available 24 hours via our Hotline, which is available to all Lottery Retailers: 800-425-1435.