HELENA – The Montana Lottery handed out $70,000 in the final days of 2016.

On Tuesday last week, Scott Hall of Bozeman claimed $30,000 off of a Slingo Cha-Ching! Scratch ticket. The winning ticket was purchased at Albertsons on S. 23rd Street in Bozeman.

Hall, a retired Navy veteran, bought the $30,000 winning ticket using $9 he won on the first ticket he purchased. Hall can’t wait to pay it forward. He plans to donate some of his prize money to a local Human Resources Development Council and the shelter for battered women. In addition, he is looking forward to (frugally) spending the money leftover on a new-but-used cell phone, a new-to-him mattress and bills.

Anna Dion, of Great Falls, claimed a $30,000 prize off of a Big Sky Bonus Scratch ticket. The winning ticket was sold at Keith’s Country Store on 10th Avenue South in Great Falls.

Dion, a manager at Keith’s Country Store, said she had to wake her husband up with a happy dance and hollering when she realized she had a big winner. She and her husband are looking forward to using their prize money towards long-awaited dental work and a possible trip to Las Vegas.

The second winner on Friday was James Wahner who came to claim his $10,000 prize from his Montana Millionaire ticket. The winning ticket was sold at Town Pump of Laurel on S. 1st. Street in Laurel.

Wahner and his wife Terri are farmers from Parshall, North Dakota and were in Montana to visit relatives before the holidays. Wahner’s daughter encouraged them to pick up a Montana Millionaire ticket – and they are glad they did! The Wahner’s came back to celebrate Christmas with their family in Montana and when they found out they won, they extended their trip a couple days so they could collect their winnings in Helena.
“We can actually buy the good macaroni and cheese now instead of the generic kind!” Wahner said. They also plan on investing a good amount back into their farm.

The Montana Lottery was created by referendum in 1986. Since then, it has paid over $497 million in prizes and returned approximately $224 million to the State of Montana.

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