Eric Peterson from Columbia Falls came in to Lottery headquarters today with his family to claim a $12,000 Scratch prize he won while playing "Magic Money Bingo" with a ticket he purchased at Junction Gas, 7322 US Hwy 2 E.; Columbia Falls.

Eric left his Scratch tickets in his car for a couple of days before he got a chance to scratch them and when his wife, Mindy, originally scratched the ticket she thought they only had a $100 win. Upon closer inspection, Eric realized his win was much bigger. Although Eric was still in shock he wanted to pass some advice on to other players, "winning tickets are out there and you can't win if you don't play".

Eric plans to save most of his winnings but also plans on taking a nice vacation over the summer.

"Magic Money Bingo" debuted August 13, 2014 with top prizes up to $12,000.

The Montana Lottery was created by referendum in 1986. Since then, it has paid over $483 million in prizes and returned approximately $217 million to the State of Montana.

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What would you do if you found out you won the $290,000 Montana Cash Jackpot? Julie Mayson from Butte wasted no time when she found out she had a winning ticket. She came to Lottery Headquarters today and claimed the $290,000 Montana Cash jackpot from the January 28 drawing, with a ticket purchased at Albertsons, 1301 Harrison Ave.; Butte. Julie's winning ticket was the second largest jackpot ever hit for Montana Cash in the long history of the game.

Julie and her husband live in Butte and both work for Northwestern Energy. Julie checked her numbers on the Montana Lottery website,, on Wednesday night and couldn't believe it when she realized she had won the Montana Cash jackpot. She kept asking her husband, "are you sure, are you sure?" Julie plans to pay some bills with her winnings, put some away for retirement and currently has three daughters in college. Julie's belief on playing the Lottery mirrors the famous Journey song, "Don't stop believing." When asked what her advice was for other players, she stated "keep trying, you do win. I believed all along!"

Montana Cash is one of the Montana Lottery's longest running games and re-launched May 11, 2014, with exciting changes. Jackpots now start at $40,000 and increase until it is won. With these changes, jackpots have been able to grow bigger, meaning more money for Montana Cash players. In addition, there are all new prize levels and the overall odds are improved. The Montana Cash jackpot is $40,000 for Saturday's drawing.

The Montana Lottery was created by referendum in 1986. Since then, it has paid more than $483 million in prizes and returned more than $217 million to the State of Montana.

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What would you do if you won $1,000 a day, every day, for LIFE, or an equally amazing $25,000 a year for LIFE by playing a Lottery game? On January 27, Lottery players throughout Montana, along with 13 other participating states, will get the chance to find out when tickets go on sale at the more than 850 lottery retailers across the state!

Lucky for Life is the newest draw game product introduced by the Montana Lottery since Mega Millions was introduced in 2010.

"Lottery customers enjoy the "for life" concept," said Angela Wong, Montana Lottery Director. "Imagine winning a prize that continues to be paid on an on-going basis throughout the winner"s natural life. We are excited for our customers" reactions to this exciting way to play and win, for life."

"Demand for a "for life" game is high with lottery customers. Lucky for Life holds great potential for our state, players, and retailers," says Wong. "What's exciting about this game is the unique blend of prizes and odds created by the gaming designers, which allows players to feel the win at all levels and reward them with meaningful prizes," Wong added.

The game follows a standard "match and win" format, and consumers will find educational materials in-store at local retailers as well as available online at

Two pools of numbers are used in each drawing: a 5 of 48 selection of numbers, and a 1 of 18 number selection completes each play. Prize amounts are based on matches made and odds for each match.

Features that make Lucky for Life a unique addition to the Lottery"s product portfolio include:

A top prize of up to $1,000 a day for life, payable as an annuity or lump sum.

A second prize of up to $25,000 a year for life, payable as an annuity or lump sum.

"For Life" prizes are payable for the length of a winner"s natural life. At minimum, 20 years of payments are guaranteed; however payments could last much longer, based on the lifespan of a winner.

Following each drawing, players will be able to view the drawing via upload on, the Montana Lottery's social media and web sites.

Tickets cost $2 each, and offer a minimum prize of $3 as a winning experience.

Eight prize levels besides the two "for life" levels are available to win.

Overall odds are similar to scratch game odds, and are set at 1 in 7.8.

Top prize odds offer a life changing experience but with odds more familiar to lotto style games, and are set at 1 in 30,821,472 for the $1,000 a day for life prize.

On Tuesday, January 27, the new Lucky for Life draw game will launch 14 states across the country including: Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Vermont.

The first drawing will take place on Thursday, January 29 at 8:35 PM. Get your tickets by 7:30 PM for a shot at luck that lasts a lifetime!

To follow the luck that lasts a lifetime, visit or stop by your local Lottery retailer.

The Montana Lottery was created by referendum in 1986. Since then, it has paid over $483 million in prizes and returned approximately $217 million to the State of Montana.

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With only three days left until the launch of the Montana Lottery's newest game, Lucky for Life, the Town Pump in Columbus is ready. Are you?
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The newest game to join the Montana Lottery family draws on Mondays and Thursdays and costs only $2. The first drawing will be held on Thursday, January 29! With a top prize of $1,000 a day for life and a secondary prize of $25,000 a year for life, players are sure to love this new game. With the Lucky for Life launch you will notice some changes to your terminal screen. There will be new buttons added to your terminal include the Lucky for Life game.
As part of the addition to the game lineup, The Works will increase from $10 to $12 to include the Lucky for Life game. The Bigger, Better Works will get players in all the draw games, all for one easy touch of a button!
The new Works will include a Powerball with Power Play ticket, a Mega Millions with Megaplier ticket, a Montana Cash ticket, a Wild Card ticket, a Hot Lotto with Sizzler ticket, a 10 Spot ticket AND a Lucky for Life ticket. With the new Bigger, Better, Works you have a chance to win big every day of the week!

We believe this is the best way for players to get the most bang for their buck. To accommodate this new addition to the Lottery family, we are eliminating the Lucky 7 option for purchasing tickets. Adding Lucky for Life to the Bigger, Better works and removing Lucky 7 will also help you as a retailer. There is a big difference in commission between Lucky 7 and the new Bigger, Better Works (nearly double with the Bigger, Better Works), giving retailers the potential to earn a higher commission. Last year, retailers earned almost $17,000 on Works sales and with the increase in cost, we anticipate even higher commissions will be paid!
We are also urging you to be aware that there is there may be some confusion between Lucky for Life and Lucky $7. We recommend that when the game first goes on sale that retailers confirm the purchase with the player before the sale. With the new Lucky for Life game, players have a chance to win $1,000 a day for life! We are so excited to add this game to our already amazing list of games we offer and we know you will love it too.
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