Frank Fulton of Helena won a trip to Hawaii through the Montana Lottery "Hula Moolah" Scratch game Second Chance drawing held June 14, 2012. He purchased his ticket at Holiday located at 401 Euclid Ave. in Helena.

Frank's wife Mary Lou said that people call her husband "Frank the Magician," and she also mentioned that "there is nothing this man can't do. He really can do anything." That also now includes winning the couple a five-night vacation for two to Honolulu, Hawaii, provided by Alaska Airlines and Marriott.

"It is exciting," said Frank of his win. "It [winning] really just kind of shocks you, but I figured the odds couldn't be too bad. When I got a phone call from the Lottery today, I figured it had to be that we won the vacation."

Winning the trip to Hawaii comes at a perfect time for the Fultons. "This is his Father's Day present and birthday present in one. He will be 80 next month," said Mary Lou.

The Montana Lottery introduced the "Hula Moolah" Scratch game on April 9, 2012. There are still cash prizes available in the game, along with another Second Chance trip to Hawaii drawing to be held at a later date.

Players can enter their non-winning "Hula Moolah" tickets into the Player's Club on the Montana Lottery website at Players must sign and keep their ticket in order to claim the Second Chance trip to Hawaii prize.
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William Land Jr. of Modesto, Calif., has claimed a $25,000 top prize for the "Twister" Scratch game with a ticket purchased from Short Stop located at 16 N. 7th St. in Miles City.

William and his wife were in Montana visiting when he purchased the winning ticket on Tuesday. The couple comes to Montana 4–5 times a year.

"We told the retailer to get us a $3 game, and she said the ‘Twister' game was a good one," William said. "It took us about a half-hour to scratch it. We were just messing around." After scratching the ticket, they "passed the ticket around for twenty minutes." They could not believe they won!

The couple enjoys playing Scratch tickets wherever they travel, and this is their first big win. They plan on using their winnings to pay bills and vacation to Hawaii, Mexico and Australia.

"Twister" debuted March 7, 2011, with prizes up to $25,000.
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Edward Bascue of Lolo has claimed a $2,335 "$hake a Day" jackpot with a ticket purchased at Boomers Pub & Gaming Parlour located at 2021 Brooks St. in Missoula.

Edward said he plays Montana Cash once in a while and decided to play "$hake a Day" in Missoula just for fun. When the machine indicated that his ticket was a winner, he was shocked. "I was taken by surprise!" he said. His biggest Lottery win before that day was $1.

Edward plans to use his prize money to rebuild the engine in his Jeep.

The "$hake a Day" jackpot starts at $500 and increases with each ticket sold until it is won.
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Charles Loudermilk of Havre Friday claimed a $110,000 Montana Cash jackpot prize with a ticket purchased at Holiday located at 200 West First Street in Havre.

The Montana Cash drawing was held June 6, 2012. The winning numbers were 2, 4, 6, 12 and 24.

Charles is a long time Lottery player and said that his jackpot win got his "heart pounding." The day after the drawing Charles stopped into the same Holiday store to pick up a newspaper and saw a sign in the store that said the jackpot winner was from Havre.

"I got out to my truck and opened the paper to check the Montana Cash numbers," said Charles. "I got my ticket out and saw 2, 4, and 6- and just knew I won. I didn't even have to keep reading the rest of the numbers."

Charles went to find his wife to tell her the good news. He started out by saying, "I hate to tell you this here." His wife thought he had bad news. He shared the news that they won the Lottery in public surrounded by people at a restaurant, and was worried she would start yelling.

Instead, she pulled up the Montana Lottery website and saw the jackpot was $20,000. "I thought that was all we won," said his wife. The jackpot had reset to $20,000 because it had been won. It took them a little bit to realize their win amount was actually $110,000.

Charles brought his wife and one of his daughters with him from Havre to pick up his check. It was a long drive down and a "more comfortable car" is on the list of things they plan to buy with their winnings. They will also be planning some trips.

The news is still shocking to Charles and the fact that he won the Lottery hasn't quite sunk in yet. "I was sitting at home watching TV last night and just kind of forgot about it," said Charles. "Then it hit me again and just got my heart pumping!"

The Montana Cash jackpot for Saturday's drawing is $20,000.
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Marsha Lawson of Sand Coulee claimed an $845 "$hake a Day" jackpot Friday with a ticket purchased at the Tracy Bar, located at 503 Stockett Road in Sand Coulee.

Marsha likes to play many Lottery games, but $hake a Day remains her favorite. She said of winning the $hake a Day jackpot that she was excited, but also shocked when her winning coupon caused the machine to light up and whistle.

Marsha plans to use her prize winnings to help her grandchildren from Texas to visit Montana this summer.

The "$hake a Day" jackpot starts at $500 and increases with each ticket sold until it is won.

EZPLAY® instant online games can be played and validated immediately without waiting for a draw, much like a Scratch game.
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