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Coming Soon!

With the new upgrades to our system, we will also have local support, along with offsite backup for our Lottery Hotline.

During the weekday hours, Monday through Friday, your calls will be received in Helena by a local Hotline Operator.

After hours, weekends, and during times of high call volume, your calls will be directed to a new Call Center in Duluth, Georgia.

These changes will ensure that you receive the best possible service when you need it!

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With new terminals come exciting new features!

To help you learn everything you need to know, we will ensure that you receive all the training and information you need to transition to your new terminal quickly and efficiently.

This includes:

Training with the CST at Terminal Install
LSR Follow-Up Training
Quick Reference Cards
Special Training Videos Available on the Terminal

The new terminals use the very latest in Lottery technology, including a 15" color touch screen, a new graphical user interface, and a Digital Imaging camera for reading playslips which eliminates any moving parts in the terminal. This means your terminal will have unprecedented speed and reliability.

Training will happen with the install of each terminal type, with the CST (tech), to be followed up with training from the LSR!
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New Playslip Delivery Coming Your Way!

New terminals will mean new playslips! Later this fall, you will receive a complete new set of playslips for every game specially designed for your new terminal.

The playslips will arrive via UPS and will be clearly marked as Lottery Supplies.

The good news is that these brand new playslips will work on both the old and the new terminals, so once you have the new playslips, the old ones can be thrown out even if you don't have your new terminal yet!

More detailed information about the new playslips and when to start using them will be provided to you as we get closer to the new terminal installations.

Be on the lookout for new Powerball playslips that will arrive via UPS within 1-2 weeks of the new Powerball change on October 4!
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The Montana Lottery is pleased to be partnering with the Department of Revenue eStop Licensing program to better serve the needs of Lottery retailers.

Effective July 24, 2015, new and existing retailers can go to to renew and pay for Lottery licenses online.

The process is simple, convenient and secure. This service allows businesses to apply or renew up to eight state licenses at once, with one payment. This method of licensing is convenient and helps streamline the licensing process, reducing cost to businesses and government.

There are two payment methods available for businesses to pay for their licenses. They can pay and renew online at or mail in a check. Paying online allows business to track the application process and ensure the application is complete.

With the inclusion of the Montana Lottery in the eStop program, the licenses available in the program include Underground Storage Tanks, Food Purveyor, Beer and Wine Retail Sales, Tobacco Retail and Wholesale, Nursery, Petroleum Dealer (Meters) and Weighing Device (scales). One-stop license renewal and payment helps Montana businesses succeed and fosters a prosperous business climate, which is a key component of Governor Steve Bullock's Main Street Montana Project.

The Montana Lottery was created by referendum in 1986. Since then, it has paid over $483 million in prizes and returned approximately $217 million to the State of Montana.

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