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Lottery Upgrades

Dear Montana Lottery Retailer,

There are exciting changes headed your way soon! Over the next year, all equipment, including terminals, printers, and communications equipment, will be upgraded. Along with the equipment updates, all software will also be improved. Why are we making these big changes? The Montana Lottery recently completed a Request for Proposal (RFP), where we asked companies that provide Lottery gaming systems to submit a proposal. After a thorough review of each proposal, the contract was awarded to our current vendor, Intralot USA. Part of the new contract allows us to completely upgrade the entire system. These upgrades won’t affect your day-to-day business or your ability to sell Lottery tickets.

The first phase of the process involves updating the communications network. This is the satellite dish and related equipment. This will be a faster network, so we know you will find a benefit to the improvements. Our plan is for the Intralot Hotline personnel to contact each location in advance of this changeover, to set up a time to visit your store and upgrade your existing Lottery communications system. The communications upgrades will occur over the next three to four months.

More exciting things are going to be happening and we will be informing you as we move along with the conversion process. You’ll be receiving newsletters from us, and all information will also be posted on the Lottery’s website, montanalottery.com, under For Retailers. We look forward to a busy year as we implement changes and further innovations that will maximize Lottery sales, your commissions, and revenue transfers to the State of Montana.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Lottery sales representative at 1-800-433-8490 for any questions or needs you might have.

Thank you for your continued support.


Angela Wong