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Locate a Lottery retailer.

Let the games begin.

Red flags indicate Montana Lottery (MTL) retailers.

Yellow flags indicate retailers who provide Montana Sports Action (MSA) and MTL services.

Green flags indicate retailers who provide Treasure Play (TP), MSA and MTL services.

Name Address
1145 Club1145 Broadwater AvenueMTL / MSA / TP
24th Street Cenex1031 North 24th Street WestMTL
3 G's Convenience Center4410 State AvenueMTL
3 G'S Convenience Store #2702 South 27th StreetMTL
3 G'S Convenience Store #3730 Lake Elmo DriveMTL
3 G'S Convenience Store #41221 Wicks LaneMTL
3 G'S Convenience Store #54106 State AvenueMTL
3 G'S Convenience Store #61425 Highway 87 EastMTL
3 G'S Convenience Store#7357 South 24th Street WestMTL
Albertsons #2025611 North 27th StreetMTL
Albertsons #2027670 Main StreetMTL
Albertsons #20302334 Central AvenueMTL
Albertsons #20381212 Grand AvenueMTL
Albertsons #20413137 Grand AvenueMTL
Albertsons #2047511 Central AvenueMTL
Beartooth Harley-Davidson/Buell 6900 S Frontage RD MTL
Billings Aerie #176 FOE, Inc526 Laurie LaneMSA
Billings Flying J #47202775 Old Hardin RoadMTL
Billings VFW Post #16344242 State AveMSA
Blue Basket Market #22347 Main StreetMTL
Bottles & Shots247 Main StreetMTL / MSA / TP
Bottles & Shots West3925 Grand AvenueMTL / MSA / TP
Broadwater 15th Soco Express1501 Broadwater AveMTL
Broadwater Quick Stop942 Broadwater AveMTL
Bugz's Bar & Casino1341 Main StreetMTL / MSA / TP
Cadillac Jax1918 Grand Avenue MTL / MSA / TP
Casey's Corner Store #72007 Blue Creek RoadMTL
Casey's Corner Store #82816 Old Hardin RoadMTL
Casey's Convenience Store #103443 Central AveMTL
Cash Casino960 South 24th St. WestMSA
Cenex Zip Trip # 511544 Broadwater AvenueMTL
Cenex Zip Trip # 532975 Grand AvenueMTL
Cenex Zip Trip # 54151 Rosebud LaneMTL
Cenex Zip Trip # 55236 Main StreetMTL
Cenex Zip Trip # 5616 Shiloh RoadMTL
Cenex Zip Trip # 571046 North 27th StreetMTL
Cenex Zip Trip # 58610 Wicks LaneMTL
Cenex Zip Trip #521201 Central AvenueMTL
Club 902033 GrandMTL / MSA / TP
Cono Mart Super Stores #4 1240 South 27th Street MTL
Cono Mart Superstore #1011 West Wicks LaneMTL
Cono Mart Superstore #61219 Main StreetMTL
Cono Mart Superstore #74903 SouthgateMTL
CVS Pharmacy #53011311 Grand AvenueMTL
CVS Pharmacy #5302425 East Main StreetMTL
CVS Pharmacy #5307823 North 27th StreetMTL
CVS Pharmacy #86232402 Grand AvenueMTL
CVS Pharmacy #8944617 Central AvenueMTL
Deedle's 3189 King Avenue West Suite AMTL
Doc & Eddy's West1251 South 32nd StreetMTL / MSA / TP
Doc & Eddy's Liquor Store711 15th WestMTL / MSA / TP
Don's Car Wash1924 1st Avenue NorthMTL
Don's Xpress Center2324 Main StreetMTL
Dons Central Xpress Center2344 Central AvenueMTL
Dotty's #44010 Montana Sapphire DrMSA
Dotty's Casino 1309 Grand Ave MTL / MSA / TP
Dotty's Casino 415 Main Street MTL / MSA / TP
Dotty's Casino #3900 S. 24th St West, Ste 2&3MSA
Downtown Conoco2701 Sixth Avenue NorthMTL
Evergreen IGA1540 13th Street WestMTL
Five Corners Express5550 Highway 312 East MTL
Gas-N-Go800 JacksonMTL
Grandstand Casino905 Grand AvenueMTL / MSA / TP
Heights Doc & Eddy's1403 Main StreetMTL / MSA / TP
Holiday #108790 South Billings BoulevardMTL
Holiday #266745 Grand AvenueMTL
Holiday #2742620 6th Avenue NorthMTL
Holiday #275105 Broadwater AvenueMTL
Holiday #2801020 Main StreetMTL
Holiday #2843226 Rosebud DriveMTL
Holiday #285785 South 20th Street WestMTL
Holiday #3853551 Ember LaneMTL
Holiday #7311280 Grand AveMTL
Holiday #874041 Grand AvenueMTL
Jackpot Casino2274 CentralMTL / MSA / TP
Jackpot Heights2030 Main StreetMTL / MSA / TP
Jackpot Nevada1413 13th StreetMTL / MSA / TP
Kmart2424 Central AveMTL
Lucky Diamond Casino2658 Grand AvenueMTL / MSA / TP
Magic Diamond Casino and Liquor Store261 East Airport RdMSA
Market Basket8014 Laurel South Frontage RoadMTL
McFiny's #11711 17th Street WestMTL
McFiny's #23306 Rimrock RoadMTL
McFiny's #3446 Grand AvenueMTL
Montana Lil's2349 Grand AvenueMSA
Montana Lil's2850 King Ave. WestMTL / MSA / TP
Montana Liquor, Inc.1019 1st Avenue NorthMTL
Nickels Casino and Grand Liquor 825 Grand MTL / MSA / TP
Palms Grand Casino1112 Grand AvenueMTL / MSA / TP
Play Inn1432 Main StMTL / MSA / TP
Poly Food Basket2648 Poly DriveMTL
Rio Grande1918 Grand Avenue MTL / MSA / TP
Shooter's Sports Bar1600 Ave DMTL / MSA / TP
ShopKo #106905 South 24 WestMTL
Smoker Friendly #300251 MainMTL
Smoker Friendly #3132750 Old Hardin RoadMTL
Smoker Friendly #3151246 Central AvenueMTL
Stadium Club1041 Main StreetMTL / MSA / TP
Suds Hut of Billings1110 BroadwaterMSA
The Second Shift934 Highway 87 EastMTL / MSA / TP
The Warden's Casino1414 4th Ave NMTL / MSA / TP
Tobacco Row #12450 King Avenue West Suite EMTL
Tobacco Row #2655 Main StreetMTL
Town and Country Supply523 Hilltop RoadMTL
Town Pump #89151030 Highway 87 EastMTL
Town Pump of Billings #33150 King Avenue WestMTL
Town Pump of Billings #4 #01172711 Frontage Road, Suite AMTL
Town Pump of Billings #83969 Grand Ave Unit #1MTL
Trading Post1225 Mullowney LaneMTL
Winners Circle Sports Bar2501 Grand AvenueMTL / MSA / TP
Won $800 Casino4907 Southgate DriveMTL / MSA / TP